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DIY Animated Videos

I came across, a cool site that lets you make your own professional animated videos. There are a ton of backgrounds, characters, themes, etc., and you have much freedom to change how it all looks. It’s all drag-and-drop for storyboarding, and then you

Electric Rhetoric – Technologies of Electric Rhetoric

The Sophistic performance of electronic rhetoric has arrived. …It is on computers. … and it is on television. (137) Welch, Kathleen E. Electric Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric, Oralism, and a New Literacy. The MIT Press, 1999. In this fifth Chapter of Electric Rhetoric, Technologies of Electric Rhetoric, Welch elaborates on her idea of an electric rhetoric–stemming…

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Presence of the Word – Word as Sound

[C]ultures which do not reduce words to space but know them only as oral-aural phenomena, in actuality or in the imagination, naturally regard words as more powerful than do literate cultures” (112). Ong, Walter J. The Presence of the Word: Some Prolegomena for Cultural and Religious History. The Terry Lectures. New Haven: Yale University Press,…

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Are We Using Technology for Learning?

Lowerison, Gretchen, et al. Are We Using Technology for Learning? Journal of Educational Technology Systems 34 4 (2006): 401-25. In this article, Lowerison et al. detail their study on the role that computer technology plays in transforming the learning process in higher education, specifically, the relationship between computer-technology use, active learning, and perceived course effectiveness….

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Levy, Pierre. Cyberculture. Electronic Mediations, V. 4. Minneapolis, Minn.; London: University of Minnesota Press, 2001, “Technology is responsible for neither our salvation nor our destruction. Always ambivalent, technologies project our emotions, intentions, and projects in to the material world. The instruments we have built provide us with power, but since we are collectively responsible, the…

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