Time Barrow, PhD

By day:
I establish and evolve company brands, creating narratives, personas, voice & tone, and style guides. I'm an empathetic leader, mentor, active listener, and advocate for über-creative talent. I direct content and visuals on creative, branding, and corporate projects.

At night:
I’m into writing, running, cooking, literature, Delta/British blues, motorbikes, ink, jazz, Dodgers, and the fam & pups.

What I Do

Brand Voice & Tone

I lead efforts — collaborating w/ creative and design directors, strategists, and data analysts — to evaluate/test company voice & tone and develop rationalized direction, including personas, manifestos, and style guides.


I mentor, grow, and promote high-performing brand writing teams (marketing, FoS, social media, UX, video, and email), ensuring messaging empowers and is on-brand by defining and improving the end-to-end process.

Style Guides

I create, maintain, and evolve Brand Books and Brand Writing Style Guides, joining forces with other writing teams to leverage their knowledge and direct the creation of channel-specific guides, playbooks, and libraries.

Content Direction/Strategy

I define, articulate, and deliver comprehensive, well-crafted content strategies, design, and execution plans for enterprise (B2B) and consumer (B2C) experiences, directing copy to ensure it's accurate, fitting, and inspiring.

Join Forces

I work cross-functionally to leverage thought leader expertise to infuse the company with a unified brand narrative. Additionally, I partner with design, marketing, SLT, and legal teams to produce stellar deliverables for every channel.

Measurement and Insights

I analyze customer, market, and client, insights to inform brand decisions, develop measurement plans, and leverage insights and data to evaluate projects and provide recommendations to deliver effective brand experiences.

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