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Electric Rhetoric – Technologies of Electric Rhetoric

The Sophistic performance of electronic rhetoric has arrived. …It is on computers. … and it is on television. (137) Welch, Kathleen E. Electric Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric, Oralism, and a New Literacy. The MIT Press, 1999. In this fifth Chapter of Electric Rhetoric, Technologies of Electric Rhetoric, Welch elaborates on her idea of an electric rhetoric–stemming…

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Avatars of the Word – O’Donnell– 2: The Instability of Text

O’Donnell, J. J. (2000). Avatars of the word: From papyrus to cyberspace: Harvard University Press. In this chapter, O’Donnell discusses the instability and, in some ways (un)reliability, of the written word in both printed and electronic form. The printed format is generally a far cry more consistent than the pre-Gutenberg manuscript format. However, upon closer…

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It’s Not “Human”

Following a meeting with my dissertation committee, it was drilled-in that what I am calling “Humanness”–the elements of face-to-face communication, such as visual (gesture, facial expression, attire, location, etc.), audio (voice intonation, volume, emotion, etc.), ability to be participatory– is really not represented well (or accurately) by that term. I need to come up with…

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