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DIY Animated Videos

I came across, a cool site that lets you make your own professional animated videos. There are a ton of backgrounds, characters, themes, etc., and you have much freedom to change how it all looks. It’s all drag-and-drop for storyboarding, and then you

GoDaddy Purchases Media Temple

DISCLAIMER: I will generally not comment on the happenings and decisions of my employer, here. More so, the thoughts and opinions on this blog are my own and do not represent or, necessarily coincide with, those of the company. However, I wanted to speak out on this one. Yesterday, GoDaddy purchased MediaTemple, the premium domain hosting and…

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I Added a Favicon

I added a favicon to this site. See it in the tab? I created the graphic, and then found an online Favicon Generator. Honestly, I don’t even recall which one I used. I think they’re basically the same for the most part, since they just take your image and convert it to a 16X16 pixel…

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Avatars of the Word – O’Donnell– 2: The Instability of Text

O’Donnell, J. J. (2000). Avatars of the word: From papyrus to cyberspace: Harvard University Press. In this chapter, O’Donnell discusses the instability and, in some ways (un)reliability, of the written word in both printed and electronic form. The printed format is generally a far cry more consistent than the pre-Gutenberg manuscript format. However, upon closer…

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Seesmic Morte?

I might be being naive or a bit in denial, but following the big Seesmic change, I am failing to understand why the majority of people left Seesmic. Yes, there have been some site updates, but the tool is still there and still functional