Curriculum Vitae



  • 20 years in industry: brand, UX, and instructional content direction/creation
  • Content: inspire/define/deliver correct, concise content and strategies
  • Leadership:  mentor, inspire, promote, grow high-performing talent
  • Customer-focused, join forces, own outcomes, work fearlessly
  • 20 years college instructor: web authoring and multimedia writing
  • Ph.D. in technical communication and rhetoric

2024 - Current

Chief Brand Officer

  • Evaluate client brands and facilitate solutions
  • Create formal brand plans to determine audience, brand position, story, slogans, and content/visual direction for marketing, website, UX, public relations, etc.
  • Establish and evolve client brand voice & tone, set visual presence & style, create brand strategies, narratives, personas, and style guides

2021 - 2023

Strategic Advisor

  • Consult with senior management on feasibility and logic of potential investments
  • Meet with clients to evaluate issues and offer solutions, products, and services that best meet their needs
  • Suggest branding, UX, and product feature changes, and implementations to meet client's customer needs

2023 - Current
Kironos, LLC


  • Work with clients to evaluate their brand needs and offer solutions to fit their organization
  • Create formal brand plans to determine audience, brand position, story, slogans, and content direction for marketing, website, UX, and public relations
  • Establish and evolve company brand voice & tone, creating brand strategies, narratives, personas, and style guides

2003 - Current
Arizona State University

Web Authoring Instructor

  • Instructed 3,700+ students over 20+ years in Web Authoring and Writing for Digital Media courses.
  • Teach students techniques that drive CX for multiple web audiences, identify/solve usability issues, and plan/create content for the web.

2017 - 2023

Copy Director / Brand Writing Manager

Brand Direction • Management • Writing

  • Evaluated/tested company voice & tone, then presented new direction, persona, manifesto, voice & tone, and style guide application.
  • Managed, mentored, and inspired super-talented writers — who delivered dazzling marketing, FoS, social media, UX, and email copy — ever-helping them to advance their careers.
  • Directed content strategy and creation, provided strategic collaboration on various deliverables, and participated in testing for writing across many channels.
  • Provided creative direction, deliverables, and testing for writing across multiple channels, ensuring it's in our brand voice.
  • Evolved GoDaddy's voice & tone by owning/authoring Brand Writing Style Guide and collaborating w/ teams to create channel-specific guides, playbooks and libraries.
  • Wrote for high-visibility projects like the GoDaddy Careers and Design sites, customer events, and TLD rebranding.

2007 - 2017

Sr. UX Writer / Content Designer

Content Design/Strategy • UX Writing

  • Produced content strategy and UX content for Hosting, Website Builder, Mobile, and Email.
  • Scripted, recorded, served as voice talent, and built instructional on-screen video tutorials.
  • Created walkthrough guides and online tutorials to assist customers through process flows.
  • Established/maintained  UX content style guide.
  • Wrote UX documentation for all site builder applications.
  • Composed marketing and FoS content.

2003 - 2005
Corpedia Education

Managing Editor / Instructional Designer

  • Managed in-house and outsourced writers, supervising research and writing.
  • Edited course scripts for content, style, and instructional integrity.
  • Built instructional content outlines for web-based courseware.
  • Interviewed SMEs and researched to develop course content.

2000 - 2003
Unicon Inc.

Elearning / Client Services Team Lead

  • Researched/analyzed developer and engineer content.
  • Built elearning courses in an academic portal.
  • Created documents to create and track course creation/updates.
  • Trained/monitored team, improving quality and accuracy.
  • Created policies, procedures, and canned responses.


Texas Tech University

Doctorate of Philosophy

Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Dissertation: Social Presence in the asynchronous online classroom: The online video conversation.

Arizona State University

Master of Arts

Religious Studies

Thesis: George Harrison: Eastern Spiritual Disciple / Western Secular Saint.

Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts

Religious Studies / Minor in Anthropology

Directing Skills

Brand: Establishing voice & tone


Content Strategy: Articulating, delivering


Editing: Ensuring correct, concise content


Style Guides: Creating comprehensive guides


Managing Skills

Leadership: Mentoring/motivating with empathy


Improvement: Reviewing, editing, and feedback


Careers: Preparing and aligning to leveling guides


Winning: With data and rationale



  • Brand
  • Brand Writing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Editing
  • Copy Direction
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Flexibility
  • Social Media
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Joining Forces
  • Owning Outcomes
  • Customer Obsessed

Professional Publications