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A Brief History of Communication Media

From primary orality through to our current age, there have been a number of major communication advancements traceable through the tools and technology that have risen. Each of these advancing examples tended (or tends) to have a specific delivery style, conditions of communication, and offers us one or more benefit–aural, visual, textual, archival, or live…

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The Social/Rhetorical/Epistemic Situation of Audio-Visual Discussion

This post is in response to This comment, which essentially inquires as to the way in which elements of primary AND which elements of secondary orality play into: Orally-based web 2.0 technologies; Interpersonal relationships and the associated oral communication patterns; People in front of the radio or around an orator versus the experience of having…

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Audio-Visual Discussions

In response to This comment, I’m not fully comfortable with “Video Chat,” which seems to suggest conversations generally formed of quick snippets of thought that are conversational and not fully thought-out before presentation. I’d prefer a title like “video discussion” or “audio-visual discussion.” [NOTE: While a google search of “visual discussion” revealing 3750 hits, shows…

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