Recruiting Radio Spot

Let’s talk jobs. Some jobs you do because you have to. Think delousing your cocker spaniel. Some jobs you do because you love to, like working on GoDaddy’s customer care team. Don’t work there yet? Don’t fret. GoDaddy’s looking for creative, driven problem solvers to help customers make their own way and take their idea online. You’ll work alongside folks who are fun, friendly and smart as all get out. Plus, you’ll work in their incredibly cool, fun Hiawatha office equipped with gym, volleyball court, cafeteria and… wait for it… a giant slide. Ready to be a part of it? Visit (careers dot godaddy dot com) to apply today.

This (pre-pandemic) ask was to create a recruitment radio ad to garner interest in coming to work as a call center representative in the GoDaddy Hiawatha office. I was given much creative freedom, so long as it hit on an overview of the role and some of the benefits.


  • GoDaddy

  • 2018