Corporate Response to the George Floyd Events

Following the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, many companies came out quickly with public statements, some condemning the actions of the involved police officers, some stating their resolute stance on police violence, some calling for immediate reform, etc.

To make a public statement was a delicate matter requiring just the right approach, as public shock and anger was pretty universal but all the details of the event had not been determined. 

As the manager of social media writing, I was to create a strong statement for the company. I met with various leadership some of whom wanted us to take a stand against violence, against the officers’ actions, against similar action that’s taken place around that time, etc. 

Instead, I chose to eschew any approach that presented the negative message of GoDaddy being against anything and spun it to the more positive approach of what, in this situation, we stood for. I created this simple, yet powerful, message that we posted on four social media platforms.


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  • 2020