writing samples
writing samples

writing samples


Flare is a mobile app that lets individuals with business or adventure ideas see if others would be interested in the product/business. Displayed here are:

  • Three pods for the app’s Home page, which explain the app and motivate the reader.
  • An error message where I was able to have some fun with the voice.


Facebook Identity

Facebook often partners with other apps and games to allow users to identify themselves and log into their proprietary account using their Facebook login credentials. Displayed here are three screens that I wrote for GoDaddy’s Facebook Identity feature.

FBLogin2 FBNoAccount FBReconnect

Go Cards

Go is a feature that shows brief cards to a GoDaddy customer when logging in to their account via mobile or the Web. Displayed here are four screens from the Go feature.

  • A Do card, which informs the user of an action he/she can take and provides a method to do it. Clicking “Learn More” takes the user to a Learn card on the topic.
  • A Learn card cover, which presents information that may be useful to the user and an option to go through a brief lesson on the topic.
  • The first screen in the flow, which foretells of what the user will learn.
  • A series of informative screens, which comprise the leson.
  • The final screen that summarizes the lesson’s information and offers a method to take action.

GoDo1 GoLearn GoLearn1 GoLearn2 GoLearn3 GoLearn4 GoLearn5 GoLearn6 GoLearn7 GoLearn8

Account Access

This feature allows individuals to give access to their account to another GoDaddy customer, such as a business owner giving access to a Web designer. Conversely, one can also request access to another’s account. Displayed here are the collapsed and expanded screens from the app’s dashboard.


Front-of-Site Content

Here are a series of panels I wrote for the Website Builder front-of-site landing page on GoDaddy’s front of site. It required a tone that was a bit more markety, but informative.

Website Builder FOS

Error Messaging

Traditional: Stoic, direct, and clear for a more serious product, such as online security and domain privacy.

  • We were unable to complete your site crawl within a 4 hour period. Search engines are not able to crawl your site properly, which will likely result in many of your pages not being crawled or indexed. Learn more »
  • An error occurred. This exception may have occurred due to server maintenance.
    Please wait a moment and return to either the page you were on or Our Home Page.
    If the problem persists, please contact our support team a <PHONE NUMBER>.
  • Verification Error
    We’re having difficulty verifying your account. If this happens again, please contact customer support.
  • Confirm
    Are you sure you want to delete this file? You can’t undo this.

Modern: More catchy and playful for a creative, hip product, such as a website builder and shopping cart.

  • Nice job! Your site is live.
    It looks like your domain is still pending setup and might take a few more minutes. In the meantime, use the link below to view your live site.
  • Yikes! It looks like we hit a snag…
    Please try again or contact customer support.
  • Uh oh. This file exceeds the 15MB size limit and can’t be uploaded.
  • Delete backup?
    Are you sure you want to delete this backup? Once you delete it, it’s gone forever.
    [ OK ] Cancel

Logout Messaging

These are two variations of a modal to display when a customer has been inactive too long and has been logged out. For the first, I was aloud to use a more fun, conversational tone for the heading. For the second, it needed to be more straightforward for purposes of translation into other languages.


Domain Tips

These are a series of tips that display randomly when a customer had searched for a domain and was awaiting the results. The tone is fun and edgy.

Act fast or be furious!
Good domains get snapped up.
Register yours now.

Greed is good
Collect multiple domain names
and drive more traffic to your website.

Be yourself
You’re unique. Search with terms that
describe your products & services.

You look best in your briefs
Online types prefer tidy names
tighter = more memorable

Catchy catches ‘em
An easy-to-remember domain name
drives more traffic to your site.

Stick to the topic!
Search with relevant terms to
bring back the perfect domain.

Run it up the flagpole
See if your friends think your
domain name sounds any good.

Protect your brand turf
Buying that perfect .com? Make sure
the .net stays out of rival hands.

Fresh domains made daily
New domain extensions always
sit at the cool kids’ lunch table.

Simply irresistible
Avoid using numbers and hyphens and
crazy symbols that no one likes.

We’ve been around the block
58 million+ domains under management.
Yeah, we’re that good.

Feeling cheap?
Filter results by price so your wallet
doesn’t hate you in the morning.

Not 4 U 2 use
People hate mispelled, misspeled,
misspelled domain names.

Make it stick
A catchy domain name helps
you rise above the masses.

Product Description for SEO

This is a bit of text that I wrote for a website builder product. The text needed to be approximately 100 words and include terms and prose that would drive SEO.

Go Daddy Website Builder™ makes building your website easy. Our 3-step Design Wizard can have you online in minutes with a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind website — no coding or technical skills required. We even create a mobile-friendly version of your site.

Go Daddy Website Builder also gives you tools to build a bigger, more dedicated customer base by interacting with your visitors via Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube®, Flickr®, MapQuest®, and OpenTable®.

Best of all, Go Daddy Website Builder includes our 99.9% uptime guarantee and comes with the industry’s best service and support. Our friendly experts are available by phone, email, or Web 24/7.


Sweat the Small Stuff is an industry article I wrote–for UX Magazine–about the importance of seriously considering smaller UI text elements, and incorporating them into your department/company style guide.

Getting Online: Building Your Website vs. Hiring a Pro is an informative article I wrote–for the GoDaddy Garage blog–to help small business owners, who are inexperienced with Web design, think about whether to create their own site or hire a designer to do it.

Process Example

I share this simple screen to show the thought process on even the most basic of screens.

Email Verification

Email Verification

  • Initially, I was shown this screen, out-of-context of other screens, yet with some explanation of the flow.
  • I inquired to get a a fuller understanding of what the user knew at this stage and what terminology they’d been given thus far.
  • Learning that this is the first time the user is providing an email and password and that “migration” had not previously been used (and was likely a bit too technical for the common user), I presented:

    • Tell us your email address to get started
      Enter an email address and password, so we can move your email to Office 365.
  • “Email” did not need to begin with a capital mid-sentence.
  • They know they’re moving/migrating email from a webmail platform to Office 365, so there is no need to over-repeat that.
  • “Tell us…” is more conversational.
  • Keeping it basic, the message just asks them to enter the info, so we can move the emails.