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May 2009 Presentation at Texas Tech

I’ve just posted a video of the presentation I gave at Texas Tech. The Embedded Online Video Conversation: Humanness and the Semi-Synchronous Situation in the Asynchronous Online Classroom It discusses the use of Viddler in the online, asynchronous classroom, including an account of data collected through a student survey. This, is getting closer to my…

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A Brief History of Communication Media

From primary orality through to our current age, there have been a number of major communication advancements traceable through the tools and technology that have risen. Each of these advancing examples tended (or tends) to have a specific delivery style, conditions of communication, and offers us one or more benefit–aural, visual, textual, archival, or live…

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The Social/Rhetorical/Epistemic Situation of Audio-Visual Discussion

This post is in response to This comment, which essentially inquires as to the way in which elements of primary AND which elements of secondary orality play into: Orally-based web 2.0 technologies; Interpersonal relationships and the associated oral communication patterns; People in front of the radio or around an orator versus the experience of having…

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